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Are you one to say: "I can't wait for winter to be over. I just want to be outside!" And then... "Summer went by too fast! I wasn't outside enough!" Here are some ideas to make your patio space a bit more inviting, so we actually are outside as much as we want to be!



I love the way lighting adds to a patio! A budget friendly string of lights twinkling in the dark sky gives a special and simple ambiance to your extending living space! A simple DIY planter box and pole can create temporary supports for running cable supports for your lights!



If you are fortunate enough to have a covered outdoor space (or maybe you are a garage dweller) and are not able to enjoy the great outdoors due to NW Iowa's large array of insects consider investing in retractable screens.



Entertaining can be so much fun, but it is a terrible lot of work when you need to go in and out of the house all of the time making sure the needs of all your guests are being met. Having a local hub outside, that can also be a self serve station, is an easy way to manage your time and can also be a laid back approach to hosting.



The most important aspect of using a deck or patio - a cozy spot to unwind from your day. If you choose to have plush cushions or pillows make sure you consider safe storage from the harsh sun and rain when the cushions are not in use!

Do you and your family enjoy meal times outside? Consider a dining table with an umbrella. Having the umbrella gives you the option to enjoy the outdoors without the sun beating down on you during a hot summer day.



You don't have to break the bank to add an elegant water feature to your patio or landscape. An idea below shows a simple sphere that replaced a landscape plant. Patio ponds are also becoming more popular - contact our local landscaping companies for more ideas!



We may love our neighbors, but that doesn't mean we need to spend every evening with them. A fence, a simple privacy wall, or some tall shrubs around your main sitting area is a nice way to make the space truly yours. (If you are considering adding a fence to your yard, make sure you check with our city's regulations for what is allowed.)

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