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Here's Why We're Great Employers

Updated: Aug 15

Over the past months the papers have been packed full of job openings; it seems every business you go into has now hiring posters, signs outside of business, post cards have been sent, and throughout all social media now hiring posts can be seen. So much so, they probably have escaped much of your attention as they have mine. Until we began posting our own, that is.

In case you haven’t heard, we are hiring!

But so is essentially every other business in the county. We are blessed to be in an area where business continues to thrive and grow, but that also has created a vacuum for employees that has yet to be filled for most businesses. To that end, I will make the case for who we are looking for and why we might be a great fit for the right individual to join our team!

When we started Compass, a major part of the vision was to create a place where individuals can work, grow within the organization, have agency in their positions, pursue their passion for building, and ultimately be a part of a team with like minded people. I feel, part of the issue shortage of workers in the trades has been the lack of construction business with clear paths to success for their employees. That is something I am working to change at Compass.

I do not want to stand in the way of someone who is looking to grow in their career, I want to give them a path and the tools to grow and succeed.

To this end we have created an organizational chart for our business with multiple positions individuals may work their way towards. We have set up different carpenter levels and will provide the training and opportunity for employees to grow. Each position has a job description, so that as an employee you will know what winning in your position looks like. Along with setting up these positions and opportunities we are working on building a great culture at Compass.

We recognize that the people component of any business is one of, if not the most, important part of any business. Having the right people in the right seats is key in any organization for them to succeed and excel in their industry. However, beyond job positions and titles, having core values for everyone to aspire too is how to instill a great culture. We use our core values to “check” ourselves if we have any question as to how or what we should do as we go through our workdays and as a “lens” to find people who share those values.

Our core values are: God, Service, Passion, Perpetual Improvement, Optimism, and Do The Right Thing.

First and foremost, we acknowledge that we are here to ultimately serve God in all that we do. We want to be able to keep that on the top of our mind so that we do not lose site of this fact throughout the busy days at work. We are in a service industry therefore, having people on our team that are interested in serving is a bid deal! This can be accomplished in many different forms but needs to be a focus of our team daily. We want our team to be passionate about what we do or be able to find an area of our business that someone is passionate about and let them run with it. We certainly do not all have the same passion but being able to find a role within an organization to which you are passionate is important. Our mindset is always about Perpetual Improvement, we work to focus on not assigning blame for when things go wrong, but to focus on how we can do better next time. We want our team members to share this attitude and to know they have agency to help the company continue to improve. Optimism is an integral part of all of this and so it is one of our core values. The world is hard enough as it is without being pessimistic! Finally, Do The Right Thing is the last core value. I know it’s a little awkward as its more of a phrase than a word like the rest, but when you are going about your day and pondering between two ways of doing something my hope is you will remember that we always want to Do The Right Thing and then your decision should be easier! We do not live these out perfectly every single day, but they are the values to which we measure ourselves and are excited to bring in team members that share them!

With the right people Compass will continue to grow and serve our community well. Our vision has always been that Compass is more than an individual and we are excited to find team members who are passionate about our industry and serving others with their talents in design and building. There is a lot more to say about what I have gone over in this post, but if it sounds appealing to you then please reach out to us. If you fill out your information here: https://www.compassgdb.com/hiring We will get you an application to fill out and go from there! If you know of someone who might be interested would you do us a favor and share with them our information? We are thankful for everyone who has been following us on this journey, past clients, current clients, and future clients. We are excited to grow our team and continue working to improve our services!


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