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How Compass Construction is Different: Concept

A little over a month ago I underwent Lasik eye surgery, and let me tell you, it was an eye opening experience! Everything went very well and I now have better vision without glasses than I did with glasses. To a degree I feel like a person in the Bible who had their vision restored by Jesus instantly. It is a miracle of modern science! As I was sitting in their office in Omaha finishing up multiple tests, getting measured, and answering questions, I realized there is a strong parallel between that whole process and our own, called Your Compass: The Remodeler's Guide. Allow me to explain.

I had been thinking about Lasik for a few years and so I began discussing it with my eye doctor, and he gave me the basics of what it would look like, what a good candidate would need to have, and a general idea of costs. This is essentially the Connect step that we discussed in last month's blog that I would encourage you to read if you haven’t yet (shameless plug)! In the Connect phase, after you reach out to us either through email, our website, or a phone call, we then set up a call to get to know you and your project better. This call allows us to give you some basic information, talk about budget, and begin laying the groundwork for expectations for your remodel - just as the optometrist did for me when discussing Lasik for the first time. The information he gave me at that time helped me know what to expect moving forward. It also allowed me to know, within reason, what it was going to cost so I knew what to expect and save for. At the time of the first conversation, we decided to wait to make sure my prescription stayed consistent for another year and also to allow me to prepare financially, and so when my annual checkup came I was ready to take the next step.

Thankfully my prescription had maintained well enough to be considered a good candidate, so he walked me through the next steps to proceed with Lasik. I set up an outpatient surgery in Omaha as well as a pre-op appointment to run some tests here in Sioux Center, and then on the day of the surgery I would run through more extensive testing and measuring before the surgery. All of this is done to make sure there are not any red flags that might cause an issue for the surgery and to take the proper and accurate measurements to ensure that I would receive the proper correction during surgery.

This is very much like the next step in our process called Concept!

After confirming we are a good fit and budget expectations are set in the Connect phase, we set up an in-home consultation where we get to see your space in person and give better direction on what is possible for your vision, all at no cost to you. Just as I went to additional testing to ensure that I was a good fit, this is what we are doing during the Concept phase. Discussing your project in person in the space allows us to see what your vision is, and we can begin to point you in the right direction. We can identify any potential issues early on and begin to get some ideas of what would be most effective to achieve your remodeling vision. Maybe you saw a wall that you really want to remove, but we see a load-bearing wall. Or maybe where you want that addition on the side of the house, we see potential issues with roof lines. So instead, we can suggest possibly removing a different wall or maybe we could do an addition on the back corner of the house, making everything work better. Being able to see your space in person also allows us to give you that feedback, and it also allows us to talk about a little more specific budget numbers for your particular project. Armed with this new information from the Concept phase you can better decide how to proceed with your project. Next month, we’ll dive in and talk about our next step: Create!

Why go through all of this? Why have a process? We believe your project needs to be taken seriously and allowed to have the right thought, expectations, design, and planning that it deserves. We understand this is a major project for you that you may only do a handful of times or even just once in your life.

Yes our process is different, but it is engineered to give you the best experience and project that you will enjoy for years to come!

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