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How Compass Construction is Different: Create

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year’s! We had some unexpected excitement right before Christmas as we discovered I (Grant) had a blood clot starting in my chest and going into my arm. Thankfully I went in early and got it taken care of quickly to avoid any major risks from the clot. I am very thankful we live in a place that has great medicine! I will be doing some recovery and looking towards a treatment so it doesn’t happen again. We are extremely grateful I was able to make it home for Christmas and for all the prayers and support we have received. So again, THANK YOU!

Thus far in our journey of learning about YOUR COMPASS: The Remodelers Guide, we have learned what it looks like to get to know you and your project, making sure we are a good fit, and setting budget & schedule expectations.

Now for the fun part! Planning out your project!

We call this phase Create and it is where we enter project development. The Create phase is the most important phase and is the key to a great remodel, as such, there’s a lot that we put into it. Too much to go over in one blog post (I want to respect your time, I could go on for ages), so we will do a series specifically on the Create phase later, but for now let’s go over the basics!

What is project development? It’s where we work alongside you to determine your project's full scope of work, create drawings, pick out selections, and put together a final proposal with all that information included. The importance of this step can not be overstated. Imagine knowing what your project will look like, what’s all included, what finishes and fixtures have been selected, and how much it will cost BEFORE any work is started? That’s what we do through the project development - or Create - process. It’s the key to having a great project and experience. Nobody wants to be figuring out their project while construction is going on. This could easily lead to going over budget and prolonging the project. You don’t need me or other trade partners showing up at your house at 7:30 in the morning any longer than you have to!

Our son, Zeke, has been really into puzzles lately and it has been fun watching him get better at them. He has progressed from wanting help the second he gets stuck to being able to look at the picture of the puzzle and then figure out how the pieces go. Having a completed “picture” to review before and during construction is what we do during the Create phase of YOUR COMPASS: The Remodelers Guide. Let’s explore how we work with you to create your projects “picture.”

There are a few steps involved in the Create phase that make project development efficient and smooth. The first thing we need to do is build a framework around the project, much like putting the corners of a puzzle down first. Our corners are capturing the existing space, having you fill out a design questionnaire, establishing a budget, and sketching new layouts based on the first three. Once we have the corners established and a layout approved, we start filling in the outside edges. This involves getting the sketches into our 3D drafting software and then getting specific with the design and layout. With the border in place, we can start filling in the main parts of the picture, things like specs and selections, trade partner bids, and putting together an initial estimate. Armed with this information we continue to work with you on refining the design, specs, and selections, and estimate to ensure we are getting the best possible picture for your project within your desired budget to achieve a beautiful project that is tailored specifically to your needs. After that is complete, we put together a final proposal with all the information, access to the 3D model, specs and selections, and the final budget! Your puzzle is now complete and will soon be ready to become reality!

That was a very brief overview of what all happens in the Create phase. Because of its importance, there is a lot of work that goes into it as we wrestle with design, layouts, specs and selections, and budget. This takes time, but the great news is we are figuring all of this out BEFORE we start construction. Can you imagine trying to make all those decisions during construction? To make changes during the Create phase is easy and essentially free, while making changes in real-time as the project is getting built is a whole other story. Not to mention schedule delays. In this current environment with product availability issues and long lead times, having a plan in place before the project begins and having the ability to order things early is more important than ever. We want to deliver peace of mind and confidence that your project will get completed in the best way possible. Our Create phase is designed to do just that.

Thank you for following along with us on the blog, if you want to learn more you can always check out our Facebook & Instagram pages, website at compassgdb.com, or as always feel free to reach out to us with any questions or if you want to explore working with us. We are also continuing to look for great team members to join us! If that’s you or someone you know, have them reach out to us to discuss a career with Compass. We look forward to hearing from you! Until then, I hope you have a great start to your new year!


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