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LP Smartside Preventive Maintenance Tips

LP Smartside has become an extremely popular siding option in our area! While we love LP just as much as the next carpenter, there are some very important maintenance regulations required to keep your siding lasting for many years to come! (Check out the images below to check out how to identify if your siding is truly an LP product!)

1) Check for dents, gouges, and over driven nails. These can often occur during and after the construction phase. Fill these indents with an exterior sealer and primer, then refinish with your exterior paint color!

2) Make sure sprinklers are not spraying directly onto your siding or trim.

3) Try to keep shrubs, trees, and plants at least one foot from your siding.

4) Keep the painted surface of your trim or siding free of mold, mildew, and algae. A simple exterior siding cleaner and a non-abrasive scrub brush should do the trick!

5) Make sure that your siding and trim are at least 6" away from any grade and 1" away from any concrete slab surfaces. Also keep in mind that your grade should slope 1" per foot away from your house, so water does not settle too close to your siding.

6) Repair and/or replace any missing or damaged caulking joints where any different surfaces meet. An example being your siding to window trim.

7) Repaint your siding before the existing paint fails. Our weather conditions can be harsh on painted siding, so keeping up on this is important! Inspection on the siding is a big deal, make sure to do the following check points at least once or twice a year:

a) Inspect paint for cracking, peeling, fading or chalking. Pay extra attention to the bottom row and under the window trim.

b) Check out all joints and seams for cracking or missing sealant.

c) Be on the look out for mildew.

d) Inspect your flashing and gutters for damage or blockage!

Many problems can be avoided if the installer is educated in the installation requirements from LP directly. Safe guard yourself and your home, knowing that you and/or your installer are completely educated in LP's requirements for installation so the siding warranty can work for you!

Source: LP Smartside

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