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"Smart technology, human-centric and color tunable lighting and mixing and matching lighting, faucet and hardware finishes are all on trend, while bath lighting focusses on sleek, integrated designs." | Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS, MCCWC

Lighting wasn't always at the forefront of every builder's thought as they constructed their next "custom home" in the late 1900s. Thus, here we are ripping out the long flickering florecent tube lighting that is our main source in many kitchens today.

If you ever scroll through Houzz or Pinterest, dreaming of your next remodel or next house to build, I'm positive you pinned or saved some type of lighting design that you fell in love with. Manufacturers are doing more research and being more selective with the styles that are coming out. Lighting is becoming more of a centerpiece.


Smart technology is touching all areas of our lives, but interior lighting is now a top request for residential clients, in many areas of the country. Energy efficience and security may be the driving reasons why more homes are flocking to smart lighting.

For homes that are dabbeling in smart techologies, lighting and shades are of the largest percentages. Why? Alexa, Google and Apple Home Kits are a large reason - it's now easier than ever to achieve the energy savings and privacy, better yet - it's all programmable so you don't even need to think about it. Clients are easily trained with the control apps and are able to adust their own lighitng levels, change the settings to scenes and create and save favorites. A great example for the pre-programmed, voice controlled scene would be "cooking" for brighter task ligthing or "nightlight" for a late night trip to the bathroom.


Wellness Design & Lighting

Human-centric lighting (HCL) is becoming more popular. While designing a home, one must understand how the owner wishes to live and be in that home. HCL mimics natural daylgiht to support physical, emotional and mental well-being. A better lit environment increases productivity of the tasks at hand and enhances our lifestyle.


Kitchen Trends

Sculptural lighting, artful focal points is becoming popular, espeically the geometric fixtures. While black is a common color for these fixtures, black shades are also becoming a bit more common to see.

Since an open floor plan with a large kitchen island has been one of this decades largest kitchen enhancements, these islands become an extension to the dining room - making the lighting fixtures play off one another.


Bathroom Trends

Minimal and sleek. If sconces are used on the sides of the mirrors they'll be either a tube like sconce or a minimalistic globe. Something that I am excited to continue to use more within a bathroom design is a lighted mirror. Whether that mirror is a medicine cabinet or solely a lighted fixture is dependant on the storage of the bathroom. The benefits to these types of mirrors is 1) Sleek (in my case, easy to clean) and removes an eye-sore of what an over the mirror vanity light can be 2) Even distribulted lighting; how many times have you completed your make-up gone out into the daylight and then noticed an imperfection; probably more often then we'd like to admit.

Another trend for bathrooms, while free-standing tubs take the cake for design focal pieces in master en suites is a chandelier over the tub. A good design key when adding these pieces is to have this chandelier be dimmable - the key to relaxation.


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