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Why Compass Construction is Different: Connecting

Fall might be my favorite season. I say “might” because when it's fall I know winter is coming. Not that I have anything against winter other than the cold and ice (snow is okay until about mid-January then I am over that too). Ok, maybe I do have something against winter. But that’s not the point; Fall is great. Cooler weather, football, beautiful crisp mornings, leaves changing color, and football - oh and did I mention football? November also reminds us of Thanksgiving and all of the things we can be grateful for. My hope for you in this season is that you can take a few moments over the next few weeks to slow down, look around, see God’s beauty in His creation, take a deep breath of crisp, cool air, soak up some sun and be still for a moment and be thankful. If that’s all you get out of this blog that will be more than enough for me!

I have always been a curious person, not one to fall in line with what everyone is doing. I like to dig in a little more, find out the why, do some research and come to my own conclusion. When asked why something is done a certain way, phrases like “I don’t know, it's just how we’ve always done it” have always bugged me. I understand it doesn’t mean that way is wrong, it may very well be the best way to do whatever it is, but I like to know the why.

When starting our business, I had to answer many questions on how we were going to operate. I knew I wanted to do things different from the norm; I felt the construction industry that I love deserves a better experience for its clients.

Since the inception of Compass Construction Company, we have been on a mission to learn the why of how things are done and to find a better way of doing things. We have read books, listened to podcasts, hired business coaches, and continue to refine our way of doing business. Out of that we developed a process called YOUR COMPASS: The Remodelers Guide. There are 5 steps: Connect, Concept, Create, Construct, and Celebrate. Over the next few months, I will be going over each one and explaining what they are and why it is important to us and to you.

Step one is Connect! We’re always thrilled when a new lead comes in. We understand it can be exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time when you reach out to a contractor after thinking about a project for so long! We want you to know that we strive to make this a fun and stress-free experience. We help with that by offering you some options! You can reach out to us through our website or by giving us a call, whichever is most convenient for you. At that time, we will take down some information and schedule a phone consultation where we typically spend 20-30 minutes getting to know you and your project better. This is strategic for a few reasons. We keep the vast majority of new client calls and meetings during specific time slots during the week, allowing us to better focus on you and make sure we have excellent communication from the start. It also gives us and you more time to talk and learn about your project and how we might work together. We will ask probing questions, but don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers, we are here to be your guide!

Throughout the phone consultation we are taking notes and listening to you and your needs to make sure we are a good fit for you and your project. We will ask questions about you and your family, what your needs are, what your future plans are, and questions about your home. One of the most important topics we will discuss is the budget. After hearing about your project, we can give you some preliminary ranges of what we see similar projects are costing. If we feel your project’s needs would be better served by someone else, we will guide you to a different party. In order to deliver great service, we understand not every project will be best served by us. If, however, we feel it could be a good fit, we will explain our next step: Concept. We take you and your project seriously, and so we are willing to dive in and spend a little more time connecting with you and learning about your project. And this is just the first step in how we are different and are striving to deliver a remarkable remodeling experience!

Next month I will dive into what the Concept step is all about. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us or leave a comment!

We are still looking for great new team members, so if you know of someone who may be interested, we would be grateful for you referring them to us. Until then, I hope you get a few opportunities to slow down in this busy life, enjoy God’s creation and spend a few moments being thankful for all He has blessed us with.


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