Virtual Makeover Starter Kit

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I acknoldge that the conceptual virtual drawings are purley for design visualization. These conceptual drawings are not to be used for any contractor bids, material supplies, structural applications, estimates, building, etc. While we try to be as accurate as possible, these drawings may not include utlitiy connections, electrical fixtures, etc. 

Virtual Make-Overs are a simple and easy way to view the potential of your space long before anyone needs to pick up a hammer. 

The Process: 

Step 1

Fill out a form! Let's get the ball rolling starting with teaching us a little about your project, your wants, needs, & dreams!

Step 2

We'll stop out for a site visit to take rough measurements, see your space more in detail, & take photos for our notes. 

Step 3

With all the design notes compiled we'll get started on your 3D design!

Step 4

View and revise 

Step 5

Be fully confident in your design before construction begins! You'll be provided with a walkabout and 3D renderings of your space to show your contractor, perhaps us! , or use the drawings for your own DIY inspiration!


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